The Future Energy Jobs Act (FEJA), passed in 2017, has set a mandate for Illinois to meet a renewable energy goal of 25% renewable power by 2025. Trajectory works with landowners, municipalities, zoning, engineering and long-term partners who will be the owners and operators of these systems.  Due to this, Trajectory looked for a long-term partner in this project, who will stay for 20+ years.

— Jon Carson, Trajectory Energy Partners

Clearway’s mission is to increase renewable energy via solar and wind energy; they are one of the largest renewables companies in the nation.  They are the country’s largest community solar developer, working mostly in five states building over 300MW of capacity. They are not a Retail Energy Supplier or a utility.  Patel has worked for Clearway for 12 years and specifically with community solar for the last 4 years leading the way in the industry.

Who owns the farms? Clearway is a long-term owner and operator for every single farm they help build in Illinois. They have a vested financial interest in developing successful projects as owner, operator, and servicing your account for the term. With Clearway’s community solar farms come local jobs for the building and ongoing maintenance of every farm, year-round. For subscribers, there is not only significant environmental impact, but savings impact for customers on their default supply rate with ComEd. Clearway offers a program that gives customers an opportunity to reduce electricity costs and interact differently with their energy program – there are no gimmicks, teaser rates, or green power premiums, and this is how Clearway differs from Retail Electric Suppliers (RES).

— Krishna Patel, Clearway Energy Group