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April 2019 Update

April 20th Lottery Results

April 20, 2019

Greetings from Go Green Wilmette and the Wilmette Community Solar Project team.

As you know, the community solar lottery was April 10th.

We regret to share the news that the developer we have been working with for eighteen months, Trajectory Energy, was not selected for a community solar project. After three years of hard work, and entering 30 projects into the lottery, Trajectory had a 96 percent chance of having at least one project selected. But incredibly, not one single Trajectory project was selected by the completely random, computer-generated selection process. Meanwhile, other developers had multiple projects selected.

The lottery selection had nothing to do with the quality or the location of the projects, or the reputation of the developer. It was designed to be completely “blind,” fair, incorruptible, etc. The intention of the lottery was good, but it is possible that some poorly-developed projects may have been selected, while none of Trajectory’s carefully planned ones were.   

If even one Trajectory project in the ComEd area had been selected, the Wilmette Community Solar Project team would have carefully reviewed the program details and, if the terms were satisfactory, we would have recommended the program. The fact that none of Trajectory’s projects were selected does not mean that there will be no Wilmette Community Solar Project, it only means that we need to find another developer.  We do not anticipate this will be challenging. We will be looking at other community solar options and will continue to share updates regularly.  Here is an article on the winners.

April 1, 2019

Greetings from Go Green Wilmette and the Wilmette Community Solar Project team! Here is your monthly update:

The long-awaited community solar lottery is set for April 10th at 1pm at the Thompson Center in Chicago. This time, there is confidence that the lottery will not be further postponed.

The developer we have been working with, Trajectory Energy, fully expects to be one of the developers selected in the lottery. If that is the case, they will be able to finalize details of their community solar program later this spring. The Wilmette Community Solar Program team will carefully review the contract terms before recommending the program. Program information will be available on the WCSP website and we will host a Town Hall meeting with final program details most likely by early summer.

The Going Green Matters Fair on March 10th was a success!  Visitors had a chance to get their questions answered by many solar booths, as well as browse 90 other booths regarding the theme, “Waste Not, Want Not.”

In the meantime, please spread the word to your neighbors, friends and family. Forward this email to some of your contacts. Remember, you do not have to live in Wilmette to sign up as interested or to eventually subscribe.

Sunny Regards,

Wilmette Community Solar Committee

Beth Drucker
Amy Downey
David Ferster
Mark Kraemer
Kornel Simons