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February 2019 Update

February 10, 2019

Greetings from Go Green Wilmette,

As you know, 2019 is the year for solar! State and Federal incentives are at their highest, prices are down and solar panel wattage is up! Community solar is on its way. That’s why, at Going Green Matters on March 10th, we will be showcasing nine booths with solar experts – in Residential, Commercial and Community. Get the answers to all your questions (from the horses’ mouths) in one day!  

Trajectory Energy will be one of the nine booths at Going Green Matters. Jon Carson has nine projects, in the ComEd territory, submitted into the lottery. He feels comfortable that Trajectory will get a project and that Wilmette and beyond residents will be able to subscribe (same as what he has been saying all along). The lottery, for developers to be chosen to build community solar, has been moved to the end of March now.

1) ComEd launched the portal, 
for ComEd customers. Even if you do not have an online account with ComEd you can look at the amount of sun on your house. If you log into the portal, ComEd will evaluate your costs and current energy usage and give you a realistic estimate of how much energy you can offset and how much it would cost to own your system, including the state and federal incentives. It calculates your annual energy usage and a sophisticated shading analysis of the amount of sun on your roof.  The site includes a list of vetted contractors with a Yelp-like review system, and more. 

2) You can check out this “How-To for Homeowners” regarding owning a solar system.

If you have never attended a Going Green Matters, you are missing out!  This free event for the whole family will leave you feeling inspired and motivated.  Stop by or stay four hours, see the EV car show, the mini solar house or 100 other booths.  This year will be focused on reducing every day waste.  Want to get more involved? There are plenty of fun volunteer opportunities for all ages during all times of day on Sunday, March 10th.  Please contact us here:  (

Please spread the word about the Going Green Matters and solar to your neighbors, friends and family. Forward this email to some of your contacts. Remember, you do not have to live in Wilmette to sign up as interested or to eventually subscribe. Interested people can sign up by replying to this email or on our website

Sunny Regards,

Wilmette Community Solar Committee

Beth Drucker
Amy Downey
David Ferster
Mark Kraemer
Kornel Simons