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December 2018 Update

December 1, 2018

Greetings from Go Green Wilmette. Here is your monthly update regarding the Wilmette Community Solar Project as well as other solar projects of interest.

Even though we are still in a holding pattern as the State of Illinois moves toward the next phase of the community solar project, January 15th commences the Adjustable Block Program application submission for vendors like Trajectory Energy/Jon Carson, which is the program under which our community solar project will reside.

The Illinois Power Agency just released a draft version of consumer protection materials for Community Solar subscribers. You can find information here.

Other solar news:

The Go Green Illinois meeting on Nov. 13th at the Chicago Botanic Garden, “Taking the Guesswork Out of Solar,” was very successful. Ninety people attended from thirty-one communities including ten solar experts. We had representatives from Village governments, school districts and park districts at the meeting, as well as people interested in residential and commercial solar. You can find the full meeting minutes and presentations on the Go Green Illinois website. At the Go Green Illinois meeting, the experts unanimously encouraged homeowners and building owners to first consider having solar on their own roofs before considering a subscription to community solar. Here are two resources that make it easier for you to find out more about roof-top solar:

You can check out this How-To for Homeowners.

This month, ComEd is launching the portal for ComEd customers who have an account. It calculates your annual energy usage and a sophisticated shading analysis of the amount of sun on your roof. It provides your expected payback, a list of vetted contractors with a Yelp-like review system, and more. (It is not live as of Dec. 6)

Go Green Wilmette is preparing for the second installation of solar panels on a Habitat for Humanity – Lake County house, built by New Trier students. Website forthcoming, if you are interested in donating to the cause.

Go Green Wilmette and North Shore Green Women is exploring the possibility of adding solar panels to the Habitat for Humanity – Lake County Women Build project. Let us know if you would like to be involved in that project. We hope to have “green women” building the house AND installing the solar panels!
We are also exploring options for a small, local solar installation to help residents connect to our large, remote Community Solar project.

In the meantime, please spread the word to your neighbors, friends and family. Remember, you do not have to live in Wilmette to sign up for information or subscribe (links to the right).

Sunny Regards,

Wilmette Community Solar Committee

Beth Drucker
Amy Downey
David Ferster
Mark Kraemer
Kornel Simons